Character Sneak Peaks

The Altera Realm Trilogy is uniquely crafted so that each chapter rotates between several main characters giving the audience an insight into the key inhabitants of the Realm. Below is a description of Altera along with each of the main characters.

Altera Realm exists alongside the Human Realm. It is the home of the five great races; the Magic Users, the Lycins, the Shifters, the Daemons, and the Vampires; who all lived in harmony for hundreds of years before the Great War broke out leaving thousands dead in its devastating wake. It is up to the long lost Vilori Queen to save the Realm and bring peace to the once great Realm.

Syney Andrews: On the eve of her 18th birthday, Syney finds out that she has a great destiny. She is the lost Vilori Queen, born hundreds of years in the past and sent by a spell into our present. But what does a human girl know about the mystical Altera Realm? Not much, Syney decides after only one day in the gothic Magic User palace, a large stone fortress in the center of the Village. There are so many rules to follow, the number one being to keep the race pure. This is an odd request to free thinking Syney, especially with her building feelings for her Lycin Protector, Hunter.

Hunter: Duty, honor, and strength. That is the Lycin way. Although Hunter was raised in the Village, his family was given the status of outcast, a disgraceful way to not be allowed into the Palace. So when his name was pulled out of the magic fire to be the Lost Villori’s Protector everyone was shocked, including Hunter himself. Not that he is all that upset about it. It’s an honor to be chosen as a Protector, let alone the Lost Vilori’s Protector. What he doesn’t expect or even want is the strong connection he has with his charge, Syney or the growing feelings he keeps trying to push down.

Gabriel: Vampires are ruthless killers for hire, at least they are now that the War forced them to abandon their land in Altera and find shelter in the Human Realm. Gabe is not one who likes the change for his people and the only way to change this is to “get in on the ground floor” with Syney’s rule. He is smooth talking, snarky, and unbelievably handsome. But he is also plagued with hundreds of years of secrets, most not even his own.

Noelle: Being chosen as a royal handmaiden is a privilege in the class separated Village, especially for someone like Noelle who wasn’t born in the Village but in the Neutral Territories in Altera. Not only was she chosen to be a royal handmaiden but to be Syney’s no less. Although they get off to a bumpy start, with Syney questioning the very idea of a personal servant, the two slowly begin to be more than just master-servant. As they develop a good friendship, Noelle must remember not to get too close not only to keep her status in the Palace but to keep her lifelong secret as well.

Cass: Princess Cassandrianna is the youngest of the three seated Princesses and the most spirited. She used her “gift” of persuasion to be a part of the retrieval party brining Syney back to Altera but found much more than just the lost princess. While there she sees real magic being done. Although it is in their race’s name, magic is something that isn’t done in the Village. It is said that the great magics were lost when the Great War began. Now that Cass has seen it being done and the wonders of it, she decides to dedicate herself to find those magics, no matter the cost.

Helen: Princess Helendrianna is the oldest of the Princesses is the most holy. Since a young age, Helen has known that the throne was not a path for her and intends to give up the title of ruling queen to instead take up the role of High Priestess. She has a great love of the Village and its people but never really understood the “human” need to find a mate. But once Syney settles in the Palace and starts to bring about change, it seems that everyone wants to join in on the new dawning age, even Helen who starts paying more attention to the opposite sex, more specifically a certain Lycin Guard.

Leaf: Although he comes from a family of farmers, Head Guard Leaf was content with his position in the Palace. He is also part of the group who is excited for Syney’s coming to Altera. His mother was a true believer who has been looking forward to the fulfillment of the prophecy surrounding the Lost Vilori Queen. Once Syney comes, however, Leaf’s job becomes much more difficult as he deals with attacks and a demanding and sneaky queen. The only bright spot? The way his heart picks up speed when a certain woman walks into the room. But the Head Guard’s head must not be clouded with such things…if he can help it.

Mellisandrianna: Ruling Queen of the Village. There is NOTHING she won’t do to keep her crown away from Syney and to keep her close guarded secrets….NOTHING

Jennifer Collins 2013